Artist Statement

trisha shattuck

Trisha Shattuck

Trisha Shattuck is an artist living in Northern Michigan, working primarily with oil on canvas, though tending towards the inclusion of mixed media. Coloration and a blend of figurative and abstraction describe Trisha’s current work. Reveling in the incidental occurrence as if it was an act of God, Trisha treats Art as a meditation and a communing, where a dialog with the canvas occurs.

I gravitate towards the mystery that reveals itself in a developing canvas.

The concepts of balance and duality intrigue me. Balancing opposites is integral to my art and existence: Controlled verses loose application, hard edges meet blended and soft edges, dark and menacing mixed with light and hopeful.

I love the challenge of figurative visions within my work. The wandering shadow as it falls upon the human form captivates me. Figures become the players that I set in action upon the stage of the canvas. My artwork becomes a theater of the mind.

Cave painting masters mixed fat and charcoal and applied it to stone. I sense a link to that primitive side within myself. I hold that which is primitive in high esteem and seek to emulate, least I loose what I knew as a child about self-expression.

My finished art must have visual interest, lead the eye, suggest movement, appear harmonious, provide visual texture and maintain a verve when viewed; suggestive of a mystery that can’t be revealed in a moments’ glance. It should be expressive of my meditations at that time, yet evocative of the viewer’s reminiscence.

Distractions and temptations are everywhere and I try to limit them. I enjoy silence, though when I take a break, I play music and sing to my art. I believe the painting’s spirit enjoys music.