August 2020
48 1/4 x 50 x 1 1/2”
Oil on canvas w/ appliqués

Inclusions: Braced medium duty stretcher bars, 10 oz. cotton duck canvas support, gesso primer, sawdust, gauze, acid-free watercolor & charcoal paper, sand, grit, horse body hair, fabric & paper appliqués, exterior glue, button, waxed linen twine.

Reference: Photograph taken by Jonathon Bachman for Reuters
Entitled; Taking A Stand In Baton Rouge
Dated: July 9, 2016
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Situation: During protest demonstrations following the death of Alton Sterling while in police custody, demonstrators took to the street and blocked the Airline Highway in front of the Baton Rouge Police Department. A young black woman by the name of Ieshia Evans refused to leave the street after demands for her to do so. Two officers in riot gear rushed towards her as she stood unmoved in response. She was taken into custody and released the following day.


Witness: Oblique close up, right side


Witness: Oblique close up, left side


Witness: Close-up three primary figures


Artist with Witness


Witness: Close up, 2 dark figures


Witness: Frame, corner protectors