Five Parting Souls


July 2016
85 1/4" x 58" x 1 1/2"
Gesso, distressed corrugated cardboard, string, gauze, sand, grit, horse muzzle hairs & body hair, fiber, oak dowels, Playschool plastic play rings, stainless steel machine bolts, washers, nuts, Elmer's ext. wood filler, oil paint, walnut oil, Liquin light gel medium

“Five Parting Souls” is two of three in a triptych. The third is in the early stages of its formulation.

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View evolution of "Five Parting Souls."


Artist with "Five Parting Souls"


Oblique view showing finish, distressed corrugated cardboard, string, gauze & sand


Close-up showing paint chips, string and canvas appliqués


Close-up of purple and gray figures


Close-up of circular canvas cut outs showing canvas appliqués, gauze & sand


Close-up detail showing two craters and teal impression


Reverse detailing bracing and ring insertion. Note added canvas reinforcements and stainless steel machine bolts




Tonal Study View


Crater creation


Crater detail prior to canvas patch and filler


Initial appliqués and craters


Rear view, text & bracing detail